MB79N-Series windows and doors have been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties. The system features the industry leading thermal performance.

Variety selection of profiles, extra thick thermal breaks, multi component central gasket, appropriate for variety of hardware including concealed hinges.

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Three-chambered, durable aluminium profiles of a structural depth of 86 mm for frames and 77 mm for door leaves

Central chamber of the profiles is equipped with thermal break (24 mm-wide for frames and 34 mm-wide for door leaves) providing excellent thermal insulation performance.

Specialized and dedicated hardware for MB-86 FOLDLINE ensures comfortable operation of the door leaves of a maximum weight of up to 100 kg

Large dimensions of the construction enable the fabrication of doors that are up to 2700 mm high and 1000 mm wide

Threshold solutions in different versions: classic, with edge sealing or convenient, with a low-level threshold

A large range of glazing from 14 to 61.5 mm to enable the use of single and double glass units, including specialized, more performant units in terms of sound insulation or burglary resistance

Important degree of compatibility with the well-known and highly appreciated window & door system MB-86: profiles are jointed the same way, and some profiles, gaskets and accessories are common to both systems