The construction is based on the system of thermally insulated aluminum sections. The sash profile is adapted for being joined with special door fills, flush with the door frame on the outside face only or on both sides.

The filling panels are available in various designs and colors. The techniques for the milling of different shapes, making decorative applications and installing the glass units in used in their production provide an endless number of combinations and variants. Thus, such doors can be used in modern houses as well as in classical-style architecture.

Nevertheless, they are always a beautiful entrance to a building which attracts attention and brings charm to the entrance façade. Door fills are made of solid and weather-resistant materials. In addition, the external elements are often coated with special lacquers or their surface contains epoxy resins so the panels maintain their representative appearance for a long time.


  • Sash thickness: 70mm(MB79N), 79mm (MB86) and 95mm(MB104)
  • State-of-the-art thermal breaks for even greater thermal insulation performance
  • 3 thermal variants of the product: MB-79N, MB-86SI and MB104
  • Thermal insulation: UDup to 0,44 W/m2K (for 95 mm thick panel)
  • Possibility of using invisible hinges and the most popular multi-point hardware, including concealed fittings .
  • Able to receive double or triple glazing.
  • Large selection of panels & different styles of handles, including minimalist looking handles with or without rosette