Architectural Aluminum Products

Architectural Aluminum Products

About Alumicom

Alumicom was established in 2001. Over the years Alumicom has become one of the leaders in manufacturing and installation of windows, doors and railing systems for both consumer and high rise developer markets. Our product line includes:

Our Mission

The mission of Alumicom is to deliver complete solutions to the highest standards of quality on time and on budget. We treat each Client as a unique opportunity to build a long term relationship and achieve mutual satisfaction regardless of the size of the project.

Commitment & Values

Our Commitment to every Client is to ensure that the solution we are delivering satisfies their needs and expectations. Throughout our work process we strive to be extremely transparent, engage in dialogue and use our expertise to help the Client choose the configuration and materials that will meet their unique requirements.Professionalism, Integrity and Customer Satisfaction are our key Values that have earned us a high praise and reputation among consumers, developers, contractors and architects.

Research & Development

By continuously investing time and effort in research and development we ensure that our Clients benefit from the latest products and materials available on the market. We have built long term partnerships with suppliers, industry groups, research and development institutions to deliver innovative, state-of- the-art solutions to each of our Clients.


We understand and appreciate that our Clients have a great choice of products and solutions available in today’s market. That is why we place such a great emphasis on the quality of our products. Throughout our rigorous Quality Assurance Process we ensure that solutions we are delivering meet the highest standards of workmanship and materials. Most of our business comes from referral from the Clients that have experienced the ease of doing business with us as well as superior quality of our products.