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Concept System 77 window

windows-01Optimised safety and comfort

Concept System® 77 is a high insulating window system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. Anticipating on the thermal requirements, the insulation value (Uf) for the HI+ variant of this system goes down to 1.7 W/m²K for a standard opening window.

The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing and CS 77 even achieved the Swiss Minergie® component label.

The system’s performance regarding acoustics, water- and air tightness, but also for specific applications like Bullet – and Fire Resistance, meets the most severe European standards. Moreover, CS 77 windows are available in different burglar resistance levels (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

To match the different building types, the system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Renaissance and Hidden Vent.

The CS 77 system includes the most complete range of solutions for all types of inward and outward opening windows.

Ultimate combination possibilities, also with CS 77 doors, CP 130 sliding systems and Ventalis® ventilation units, makes CS 77 extremely suitable for all types of building concepts, even with the highest safety requirements.



Concept System 77 door

doors-01Optimised safety and comfort

Concept System® 77 includes a high-quality flush door system, which meets the elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security.

With regard to security, different door variants are specially designed and tested for burglar resistance, fire resistance, bullet proof and solutions for panic situations, meeting the most severe European standards.

This standard flush door range is available in all inward and outward opening types, realised with a wide range of door locks to meet every kind of locking demand.
Moreover, CS 77 flush doors are offered with different threshold solutions to perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements.

To ensure the tightness of the door, specially designed insulation strips are used to avoid possible bending of the element, caused by temperature difference between the in- and outside of the building.



Our Concept System 104 is our latest and most innovative inward opening window system, designed to increase comfort and decrease energy consumption to a minimum. The extreme insulation levels (Uf down to 0.88 W/m²K) are achieved by a patented technology, in which insulation strips with increased stability are combined with special foam in a way that no extra manipulation is needed during the production of the window elements. This guarantees a constant quality of the assembled element, making this window perfectly applicable in passive constructions.

Besides a high insulation level, air tightness is the most important factor determining a window’s energy efficiency. Therefore, a new set of specific gaskets was developed to ensure an ultimate water- and air tightness of the system, making this system applicable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas and high altitudes. The increased built-in depth (104mm) contributes to the strength and stability of the elements, allowing large dimensions, even with the application of triple glazing. The window system perfectly matches the CS 104 door system. Additionally, the system offers several different levels of burglar resistance (class 2 and 3).



The frames have a depth of 4 5/8” (5” available) and are constructed of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy. The nominal material wall thickness for the frame is .062”. The sill height is increased to allow for better water drainage. Corners are fastened with screws and sealed.



The sash consists of aluminum profiles with .062” nominal material wall thickness of 6063-T6 alloy. Corners are fastened with screws and sealed. Cam sash design and continuous interlock at the sash meeting rail offer superior weathering and structural performance. OPTIONAL interior thermal sliders available.




The exterior set of sash is weather-stripped with pile weather stripping. The interior set of sash is weather-stripped with fin weather stripping.




Half screens are inserted within the window frame assembly. The mesh screens are standard in fibreglass. Aluminum mesh isavailable upon request.




Head, jamb and sills are thermally broken using the latest in thermal breaks. A vinyl thermal break is inserted between the interior and exterior extrusion and then mechanically crimped. New ISO Bar is also available to provide higher thermal and structural performance.




Spring loaded lock at sash meeting rail locks window into place. The sash glides on steel ball bearing rollers over a raised sill track ensuring smooth operation and minimizing the effects of debris and dirt build up on the sill.




Thermal glass units are glazed with Tremco Polyshim II glazing tape. Windows are inside glazed with an extruded vinyl stop. Extruded aluminum stop available upon request. Standard glazing is 15/16” sealed insulated glass, or upgrade to Low-E coated glass and argon gas for greater energy performance and condensation resistance in cold climates. Glass can also be supplied colour tinted or reflective to meet all custom architectural specifications.




There are few opening styles of our windows: